Fulfillment and Shipping

For Lightsource shipping servies or questions, please Request a Quote or call us at  +1 (224) 416-3896 .


Shipping Terms

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all prices are quoted FOB from Lightsource’s facility. The FOB point for our products can be found on each product page. 

Customer-Nominated Carriers

By providing an account number or requesting a specific carrier, you assume responsibility for the goods from the time the goods are handed over to the carrier.

International Shipments

Lightsource can ship to almost any location. If the product is coming from the original manufacturer, this can be accomplished without any additional paperwork. If using a customer-nominated carrier, the receiver may be charged local duties, sales tax, and other importing fees. 

Drop Shipments

The first shipping location free. Each additional location will be charged $5 NET fulfillment fee to cover labor and material costs. If there are more than 5 locations, you must complete a Lightsource Dropshipping Table before the order can be accepted.

Special Shipping Instructions

Additional shipping requirements, such as palletizing, custom inserts, barcodes, match mailing, etc. may result in additional charges or longer lead times.